NYC Gaming Playtest Night

NYC Gamers got a sneak peak of Carbon Cutters. At last nights NYC Gaming Playtest night over 100 sweaty nerds clambered for a spot to try out the game. Just kidding! They weren’t all sweaty ;)

It sure was a good showing though, my voice was hoarse towards the end of the night from talking. Next time I will have to bring an assistant!

The response to the game was very positive. People seemed to get the concept and rallied behind the idea that it was a green-energy themed game. Which was a real relief because one of my biggest fears was that:

A: The idea of a game that earns carbon offsets would be lost on most people. I was expecting a lot more questions about what carbon offsets were, followed by blank uncomprehending stares.
B: Most people wouldn’t be too excited about green-energy, particularly a game that is all about it.

So what a relief, that those fears didn’t come true, at least not with this technically savvy crowd. A couple of bugs did come up as well, which is always a big bonus to having your game tested “in the wild.” So I am working to fix those now before starting to let people in as beta testers.

Engrossed Players
Some engrossed players huddle around the laptop

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